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Canna National Collection 2016

'Alberich' Medium height. Dark green foliage. Large peach coloured flower.
'Ambassadour' Dark green foliage. Large pale yellow flower which fades to white. Distinctive
'Annei' Possibly the first named hybrid, bred and named by the French breeder Theodore Année in 1848. It is said that it is a hybrid of C. indica and C. glauca. The book by Chate (undated but around 1870), states that 20,000 tufts of Canna 'Annei' were used in displays in Paris in 1861. It is certainly an impressive and distinct canna, extremely tall, we think it is the tallest hybrid, well over 2m, with long slender glaucous leaves. The flowers and uniquely long rhizome confirm that it is Stuttgart without the stripes! We had it originally as 'Annei' from France, 'Omega' from the USA, and reverted 'Stuttgart' from Holland. We lost it to virus 10 years ago, and so we were thrilled to get back this old friend from a collector in Italy in 2013. We are bulking it up and hope to put it back on the market in 2016 or 2017.

Very tall variety of C. indica native to Argentina. Bright green foliage. Small orange flowers.

'Assaut' Tall. Pale bronze foliage. Large well shaped red flower. photo2
'Australia' Tall and slender. Very deep chocolate foliage which is shiny. It is generally accepted to have the darkest foliage of any canna. Orange-red flower. photo2

A different variety is widely sold in garden centres under the name 'Australia'. This a short plant with not very dark bronze foliage.

'Beauty Fruity'

'Bengal Tiger' See 'Pretoria'
'Bethany' A bi-coloured sport of 'Pretoria'. photo 2 We think it is exactly the same as Tropicann Gold, but the European Plant Breeder's rights people (CPVO) disgaree. They rejected our challange and gave the rights to T Gold. Shame on the CPVO.
'Bird of Paradise' Quite distinct. A tall and somewhat lanky canna with foliage of various shades including pink.
'Black Knight'

Tall. Pale bronze foliage. Large and very dark red flower


Short and bushy. Dark green narrow leaves reddish stems. Red flower.

'Caballero' >We can't see any difference between this and Yara.

Medium height. Green foliage. Flowers yellow heavily blotched red.


A series of cannas bred by Takii, introduced 2015. An F1 hybrid and usually grown each year from seed. Intended for the horticulture trade as a small bushy quick fowering plant.

'Cannova Red Shades' Fowers red, various shades. Green foliage.
'Cannova Orange Shades' Fowers orange. Green foliage.
'Cannova Rose' Fowers pink. Green foliage. In our opinion the flower is not as good as the 'Takii Tropical Rose'
'Cannova Yellow' Fowers yellow with pink spots. Green foliage.
'Cannova Lemon' Fowers very pale yellow with pink spots. Green foliage.
'Cannova Mango' Fowers pink. Green foliage.
'Cannova Crimson/Bronze' Fowers red. dark brown foliage

Medium height. Green foliage. Flowers fiery orange/yellow

'Centenaire de Rozain Boucharlat'

Medium height. Green foliage with reddish stems. Deep red flowers.


Tall. Bronze foliage. Flowers shades of pink.


Medium height. Green foliage. Flowers yellow softly blushed pink, with speckles.


Medium height. Green foliage. Clear yellow flowers.

'Cleopatra' A spectacular chaemera with mixed colours of foliage and flowers. Medium height.

'Corail' Short and bushy. Pale bronze foliage. Dark orange flowers.

A new and distinct variety or species named by us in 2014. This plant is an enigma, because we've never seen anything like it. It is a big and very stout plant with large leaves that are almost white, and small yellow flowers. It came to us as C. glauca from Trinidad, but we've never seen a C. glauca like this. Could it be a new species?


Medium height. Green foliage. Flowers mixed peach/apricot.

'Delibab' Medium height. Green foliage. Coral flowers.

'Durban' This is the orange flowered Durban. In the USA Durban refers to a red-flowered hybrid. Garishly striped foliage. RHS AGM Award. A company who shall be nameless claimed that they had bred it and marketed it as 'Tropicanna' We challenged the plant breeders rights and won. photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5


A hybrid of the species C. iridiflora . Giant plant with large green leaves. Nodding cerise flowers.RHS AGM Award.

'Eric Neubert'

medium height. Distinctive bronze foliage and narrow leaves. Brilliant flame coloured flowers.


Tall. Pale bronze foliage. bright orange flowers.

'En Avant'

Medium height. Green foliage. Yellow flowers uniformally spotted red.

'Ermine' Medium height. Green foliage. Creamy white flowers

Medium height. Heavy green foliage. Peach-coloured flowers.


See 'Perkeo'

'Feu Magique'

Tall. Dark bronze foliage. Large deep red flowers.


Tall. Green foliage. Distinctive ellow flowers with red centres


Medium size. Green foliage. Yellow flowers much blotched with red

'General Eisenhower'
Tall. Very dark foliage. Beautiful curvaceous leaves. Dark orange/red flowers.

Tall. Distincltve pale brown foliage. Dark orange flowers.


Short and very stout plant. Large fleshy spoon shaped leaves. Large shocking-pink flowers.

'Golden Orb'

Tall. Bronze foliage. Large well-shaped golden flowers. Bred by Jim Ranger on 2005

'Gran Canaria'

Medium height. Green foliage. Distinctive white flowers with yellowish centres.


see 'Musifolia Grande'


'Happy Miss Emily' Medium height. Green foliage.

Tall. Green foliage. Distinctive orange flowers.


A tall foliage variety with very narroe dark bronze leaves and small orange flowers.

'Italia' Tall. Green foliage. Italian series

nedium height. Green foliage. Pale orange flowers.

'Lesotho Lil'

Very tall. Green foliage. Orange flowers.


Medium height. Green foliage. Distinctive deep cerise flowers with a pale edge.

'Louis Cayeux'

Tall. Green foliage. Very large and heavy pink flowers. Quite distinctive.


Short. Green foliage. Red flowers with yellow edge.

'Madeira' Medium height. Green foliage. Bicolour flowers
'Mango Punch'

Short. Green folage. Orange flowers.


Medium height. A bulky plant with bronze folaige. Coral pink flowers.


Short plant. Deep green foliage. Shocking pink flowers.


See 'Alaska'


Tall. Dark bronze foliage. Frilly dark orange/red flowers.

'Musifolia Grande'

The banana-leaved canna. A giant and distinctive plant. Giant green leaves with red veins and stems. Rarely flowers in the uk. The flowers are small and orange.


A foliage variety. tall, narroe bronze leaves. Small red flowers.

'Oiseau d'Or'

Medium height. Green folaige. large very pale yellow flowers.

'Orange Chocolate'

Short. Bronze. orange flowers.

'Orange Punch'

Short. Green folage. Brilliant orange flowers.

'Pallag Szepe'

Medium height. Green foliage. Unique pinking flowers with pale edge. An old Hungarian variety.


Tall. Green foliage with narroe leaves. Unique spider cream flowers with mahogany centers.


medium height. Green foliage. Dusky pink flowers.


See 'Durban'


The original Picaso was lost to virus disease. It was a very nice and distinctive canna. It was quite short with large and well-shaped yellow flowers deeply spotted with red. The Picasso widely sold in garden centres at the present time is a short plant, usually grown from seed, with small rather shapeless yellow flowers lightly spotted..

'Pink Perfection'

Medium height. green foliage. large shocking pink flowers.

'Pink Sunburst'

See 'Pringle Bay'

medium height, but a stocky plant. Pale green leaves with large thick leaves. Large scarlet flowers

Medium to tall. Green leaves with yellow stripes in a herringbone pattern. large tangerine orange flowers.

'Prince Charmant'

Medium to tall. Green foliage. Large pink flowers.

'Pringle Bay'

very short and stout. Bicoloured leaves. Pale pink flowers.


Short and very stout. large spoon-shaped leaves. Large pale yellow flowers.


Very tall (up to 3m), rather fastigiate growth. Deep bronze folage. Small orange flowers.

'Queen Charlotte'

medium height. Green foliage. Bicoloured flowers in red and yellow. Very distinctive.

'Richard Wallace'

Medium to tall. A very bushy plant producing many stems. pale green leaves. Yellow flowers lightly speckled with pink

'Robert Kemp'

A foliage variety. Tall, pale green, with small orange flowers. Procuces large clumps.

'Roi Humbert'

Tall. Dark bronze foliage. Dark orange flowers.

'Roi Soleil'

medium to tall. Green foliage. Intense rark red flowers.

medium height. Green foliage. Large flaccid bi-coloured flowers.
'Rosa Fuerta'

Medium height. Green foliage. Strong pink flowers.

'Rosemond Coles'

Medium to tall. Stout green foliage. Heavy bicoloured flowers in red and yellow.

'Russian Red'

A very tall foliage variety which produced a big bulky plant. Leaves bigger and darker than Purpurea. Small orange flowers.


tall, bronze foliage, pink flowers with a silver sheen.


'South Pacific' Medium height. Green foliage. Pink flowers with yellow centre. Grown from seed.

Tall. Bronze foliage. Brilliant golden yellow flowers.


Medium height. Bronze foliage. Distinctive shocking-pink flowers.

'Striped Beauty'

Medium height. Green leaves with a white pinstripe. Yellow flowers with a central white stripe.

'Singapore Girl'

Tall, pale green, large orange flowers.


One of the tallest cannas. Narrow glaucous leaves variously splashed and steaked ith cream. The cleam areas often turn brown, but this does not detract from the beauty of the plant. Small apricot flowers.

'Summer Joy'

Medium height. Narrow green foliage. Narrow petals, yellow specked with red.

See General Eisenhower.


Short, bronze, orange flowers.


Medium height. Green foliage. Flowers yellow blotched red.


See 'Black Knight'


tall. Dark bronze foliage. Dark red flower.

Tropicanna (TM)

See 'Durban'

Tropicanna Gold (TM)

We think this is identical to 'Bethany'

Tropicanna Black (TM)

We think this is identical to 'General Eisenhower'

'Tropical Bronze/Crimson'

Very short, dark bronze foliage. Scarlet flower. Usually grown from seed.

'Tropical Salmon'

Very short. Green foliage. Salmon flower. Usually grown from seed.

'Tropical Red'

Very short. Green foliage. Salmon flower. Usually grown from seed.

'Tropical Rose'

Very short. Green foliage. Pink flower. Usually grown from seed.

'Tropical White'

Very short. Green foliage. White flower. Usually grown from seed.

'Tropical Yellow'

Very short. Green foliage. Yellow flower speckled red. Usually grown from seed.


Tall. Green foliage. large pink flower with sone yellow in the centre


See 'Eric Neubert'

Water Canna 'Erebus'

Very tall. Narrow glaucous folige. Pink flower. RHS AGM Award

Water Canna 'Endeavour'

Very tall. Narrow glaucous folige with red edge. Red flower. RHS AGM Award

Water Canna 'Ra'

Very tall. Narrow glaucous folige. yellow flower. RHS AGM Award

Water Canna 'Taney'

Very tall. Narrow glaucous folige. Orange flower. RHS AGM Award

'Whithelm Pride'

another photo
Medium to tall. Dark green foliage with red veins and stems. large damask-pink flowers.

'Wine & Roses'

Short, green foliage, pink flowers.

'Wintner's Colossal'

Very tall. Green foliage, Orange flowers.


very tall, one of the tallest floral varieties. Dark leathery foliage. large tangerine-orange flowers.

Short. Green foliage. Yellow flowers speckled red.

Recently received, not yet assessed and indexed
'Admiral Corbet'
'Adolph Ernst'
'Alfred Young'
'Jules Cretien'
'New Red'
'Regal Red'
'Rubra Superbissim'
'Tom Thumb'
'Trinacrin Variegata'
'Ulrich Brunner'
'Victor Hugo'


C. paniculata

Tall. Dark green leaves. Small orange flowers which only have 1 petal.

See 'Robert Kemp'

C. indica

Several varieties. Various heights and colours of flower.

C. warszewiczii

from a number of sources. Short, narrow stems. Distinctive wavy-edged olive green leaves with red veins and stems. Bright red flowers and seed pods.

C. jaegeriana Tall, with pale orange small but distinctive flowers. Raher more tender than floral hybrids.
C. turckheimii

syn C. latifolia. 2 sources. Tall. Enormous bright green leaves. Orange flowers. Rather more tender than floral hybrids.

C. flaccida

Several sources

C. glauca

From various sources, which vary in the width of the leaves. Medium height. Very narrow glaucous leaves. Attractive spidery flowers.

C. glauca(2)

An interesting form with very pale folage and compact flowers.
Our seed came from the Coroni Swamp in Trinidad.

C. jacobiniflora

2 sources. medium height. Green foliage. orange fLowers which REMAIN CLOSED.

C. patens

Various sources. An attractive dainty species with wiry stems and small green leaves. Attractive bicoloured flowers. Produces copious fertile seed if pollinated.

Taxonomy unconfirmed

C. altensteinii

very tall, 3m or more. Pale green leaves and small orange flowers.

Varieties that we are looking for

These are heritage varieties that we have held in the past and would dearly like to find again

'Angele Martin'


'City of Portland'

'Confetti', also called 'Coq d'Or', 'Dondo'


'Durban (Red)'


'Florence Vaughan'

'Kansas City'


'Margaret Strange'


'Princess Di'


Visits to see our National Collection are welcome by appointment, and at Open Days.
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Vists to our nursery are also welcome, by appoinment.

The address is Lincluden Nursery, The Cedars, Shaftsbury Road, Bisley, Surrey, GU24 9EN

The best time to see cannas in flower is from July to mid October.

Donations and Exchanges

We love it when our visitors offer us a variety or species which we do not already have. We are happy to exchange some variety from our collection or sales area.


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